Finance. Money. Cash. Bank Account. IQ. I’ve heard these terms countless times and yet I’ve never fully come to terms with its existential and overarching relationship in my day-to-day life. What comes to your mind when you hear these words? If only we could have enough of it? Well I’ll…

I recently had the privilege to strike a conversation with Hayley Shaw, a former Growth Relationship Manager at Airwallex popularly a start-up unicorn which empowers employees with corporate cards, increasing savings on global expenses and easing forex transaction fees.

Here are some key insights from our conversation:

What was your role at Airwallex and how did it grow so rapidly?

Being a growth…

Business Banter blogs :

I recently struck a conversation with a horse racing enthusiast and was very intrigued with his drive for data, analytics and racing.

Coming from Bangalore, India, Manish started his journey in the Fintech space where he was in-charge of the customer facing role for providing core banking solutions for a…

Everyone remembers their wild travelling trips that took them in this weird rabbit hole and changed them overnight. We take our Go Pros around and feel like a vagabond living their own lives, but we have our own troubles back home.

So, here’s to all the girls who are looking…

From challenging the status quo to calling Google “institutionally racist”, Timnit has left many feeling empowered.

Source: CONAN Daily

When I first heard about Timnit Gebru getting fired and retaliated from the mega giant monopoly Google, I was beyond shocked to say the least. In fact, Google so often fires its employees on…

Watching a black man being lynched to death on TV to Black Lives Matter, honestly, we’re all just tired of white privilege.

Source : Unsplash

Here’s a new name to add to a growing list of racist murders. Now, multiply that with a million. And more. And then more. Until you cannot possibly fathom the decades and decades of racial oppression.

Yet, this has become a new normal for all of us. It starts from…

Will China’s Govt-backed Digital Yuan Drive Currency Dominance?

A growing tension amidst the trading wars and the global pandemic has revealed a new fiat investment of the Chinese government in generating its first sovereign central bank-backed digital currency.

“Digital Yuan” of China’s Central Bank. Photo:Bitcoin News

If the experiment succeeds, the crypto currency or the DCEP (Digital Currency/Electronic…

The Thursday Wrap

NAB’s Capital Pump Drives ASX200 To Enjoy Best Performance in Eight weeks.

NAB announced a $750 million doubling in capital through share purchase plan (source from

The ASX exits its 11-week bear market after a surge in banking and financial stocks. This strong momentum drove a positive effect on the market and the biggest one day gains of the ASX since March 30th, closing…

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